Khadijah Ameen seeks legal advice following recent incident

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Khadijah Ameen seeks legal advice following recent incident

I am seeking legal advice in the matter.

That’s the update by St Augustine MP Khadija Ameen on recent reports that she was attacked by an ex mate.

Ameen refused to comment too much on the matter as she said she’s been advised by her lawyers to keep a still tongue.

However the fact the she’s seeking legal advice suggests that she may indeed be pursuing the matter.

She told the Power Breakfast Show this morning that there are false narratives in the public domain on what transpired.

She reassured the public that she is safe.

She said that internal wrangling within political parties will always occur.

Sitting MPs Rushton Parray, Anita Haynes and Rodney Charles among others have been branded as “dissidents” having spoken out on the need for change within the party, starting with the holding of internal elections in June.

Ameen said that it appears to her to be the actions of a PNM ‘B’ Team as she has seen PNM elements working with some of these persons.

The St Augustine MP remained confident that their actions would not affect the party negatively.