The “Progressives” call for return of national debate


The “Progressives” call for return of national debate

Interim Political Leader of the Progressive Party is calling for debates among those seeking political office.

  Interim Political Leader                              Nikolai Edwards

The Party said that the Trinidad and Tobago Debates Commission (TTDC) was developed as an independent body by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce to foster and encourage debates on issues facing the country during an election period, as a means of further enhancing the democratic process. The party said while there may be successes and challenges in the past, the Commission should move forward with allowing those parties that wish to debate to do so, even if their opponents do not want to participate.

The statement further said:

“A national platform for debates will reduce the clear advantage that the political parties currently occupying seats in the government or the opposition already have and the resources that come along with those same entities having monopolised the politics of our country or as long as they have”.

The “Progressives” said that with Local Government Elections around the corner and the General Elections due next year, the Party believes those seeking political office should be made to share a stage with their counterparts where their leadership skills can be compared.