IzzSo Exclusive The biggest gamble – Pyramid Schemes vs Sou Sou’s part II

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IzzSo Exclusive The biggest gamble – Pyramid Schemes vs Sou Sou’s part II

The biggest run Pyramid Scheme in T&T – Drugs Sou Sou and its member investments and their testimonies

We also spoke with someone who invested money in DSS and says the community has been able to be free from crime for the past year and persons were able to start and have their businesses flourish.

He also said that community members came together to invest as a unit in order to purchase laptops and other devices for children; in addition to grocery items and basic amenities.

Another DSS member said they waited until someone close to them was paid out before they also invested cash.

He said while he was skeptical about investing in Drugs Sou Sou, he took the chance and was successful – he explained that the organization does not run a flower system.


Smaller run Pryamid Schemes in T&T with instant cash back

Drugs Sou Sou, while it is the most popular scheme in the country, smaller run sou sou’s and pyramid schemes have been taking over with members professing its progress and success rate.

This however does not negate the numerous online reports we’ve heard from persons who said several ‘flowers’ have crashed.

One such group called themselves the Blessing Circle with “admins” and 1,272 members.

Another Pyramid group, “Blessing Overflow,” members were asked to pay $700 to join with the promise that they would receive over $18,000 in “blessings.”

The payout was dependent on recruiting new members to ‘invest.’

However the group crashed and its admin who called himself Cazim posted a message for members who were unable to respond – “Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with deep regret, Blessings overflow has suffered.”

Let’s hear from someone who was successful with being “blessed”.



However Sou Sou’s and Pyramid Schemes are not set to T&T but persons within the United States of America have also been involved in schemes.

Some have joined with local investment groups, while others have formed groups on their own in the U.S.

Take a listen –

We also contacted someone who said he shared no interest in being a part of a Sou Sou or a Pyramid Scheme; but rather placed his money in banking investments.

Are Sou Sou’s legal?

Attorney at Law, Fareed Ali, says a sou sou is not against law.

In an interview with Power 102, Mr Ali said a Sou Sou is a recognized means of generating income among lower income people.

Mr Ali the arrangement is regulated what he described as ad hoc and arbitrary laws designed by the persons involved.

The attorney said on the DSS issue Mr Ali said an arrangement such as that which has been described by its founder as an investment plan should be registered with the Central Bank.



Amid the ongoing investigations, DSS founder, Kerron Preeze Clarke sought to assure persons that he nor any of his employees or administers ordered a refund for DSS investors.

Clarke in a video update, dated Friday November 6th confirmed that despite several social media posts regarding the funds DSS will not be issuing refunds.

He also said that persons can feel free to donate to DSS for legal fees.



The latest news on DSS founder, Kerron Clarke as at November 15, states that the Defence Force has instructed that Lance Corporal Kerron Clarke, the founder of the DSS organization, be sent on eighty-three (83) days annual leave with immediate effect as a matter of institutional responsibility and accountability as TTPS inquires are ongoing.

The TTDF said that no military service personnel are above the law. If any member of the Defence Force is being investigated for alleged criminal or civil matters, procedures under military law will be taken in support of the investigations.

On Novemeber 24, several voice notes with death threats to Kerron ‘Preeze’ Clarke’s life have now been making its way on social media – the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith in an earlier Izzso Media report said that he was in possession of the voice notes and it is now an ongoing investigation.


This concludes ‘the biggest gamble – Pyramid Schemes Vs Sou Sou’s’

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