CoP met with WASA security

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CoP met with WASA security

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, met with representatives of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) to discuss a partnership between the two organizations.

The TTPS issued a release this afternoon highlighting that the meeting was held at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain today Tuesday 24th November, 2020.

“The meeting was attended by ACP, Specialized Support, Joanne Archie, CEO Alan Poon King and two officials of WASA.”

“The discussions surrounded the need for greater police presence when employees of WASA engage in duties across the nation, the need for increased patrols at the water treatment plants, support during patrols relative to water restrictions, as well as the status of the approval of new uniforms for the WASA police.”

Commissioner Griffith said that he would look into the issue of uniforms and provide feedback.

The release also states that “ACP Archie informed the officials that she was aware of the nature and scope of work which is undertaken by employees of WASA. She assured the management of WASA of the continued support by the TTPS.”

She however, noted “that the concern may be one that arises when the jobs are on secondary roads and highways as these can somehow create traffic obstructions and by extension, pile ups. But such operations will be revisited with a view of having a more harmonious outcome for both parties and motorists.”

On the concern of having increased patrols at plants as well as during water restriction patrols, ACP Archie said a conversation would be had with the Divisional Commanders.

She assured the visitors that the TTPS is committed to partnering with WASA despite the challenges which both parties may encounter from time to time.