Griffith defends his approach to granting firearms users’ licences

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Griffith defends his approach to granting firearms users’ licences

Acting Police Commissioner Gary Griffith took aim at those critical of his approach to issuing firearms users’ licences (FULs), contending that law-abiding citizens, once granted a licence were entitled to adequate protection.

On Sunday a newspaper report quoted former Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, who was critical of Griffith for allowing people to own up to four guns.

The report quoted Williams as calling people owning that many guns as “raw craziness” and such allowances counterproductive.

From an application of over fifty thousand people, five thousand firearm liscenses was granted in the three years under Police Commissioner Gary Griffith compared with two hundred a year under his predecessor.

At a police media conference on Monday, Griffith knocked Williams and accused him of taking a more relaxed approach to citizens’ safety during his tenure.

During the press conference he bought on two firearms experts to discuss weapon types, calliber strength and legal parameters of each.

He said the article in the newspaper contained misinformation and irregularities.

He maintained that as long as he remains in his present position he intends to deputise as many people as possible.