TTSIDA cracks down on dealers receiving stolen materials

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TTSIDA cracks down on dealers receiving stolen materials

Legislation is expected to be put in place to regulate the srap iron industry.

Allan Ferguson, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association (TTSIDA), was in a fighting mood on Thursday as he addressed the issue of some scrap yards engaging in the purchase of materials they know to be stolen.

Drawing reference to the recent spate of theft of copper cables, Ferguson said there are a few dealers, not even a handful, who engage in such practice.

He said now more than ever the industry is at a risk of being shut down and serious decisions had to be made.

He informed that in the coming weeks several policies that seek to irradicate the theft that is occurring would be rolled out.

According to TTSIDA Former ecretary Kenny Plaza said that part of the short term action plan is for the registration of all scrap iron collectors.

That form includes WASA, TSTT and T&TEC equipment, man hole covers, metal doors, compressors pumps and would be a red flag for any collector or dealer.

A form would reveal the description and quantity of items, the location where the items were collected, the cost to obtain the items, as well as the address and the phone contact of the person who the items came from.

Plaza also informed when the items are in transit they must be available for inspection by police or the Association.