Gasparillo Secondary School Not Collapsing Assures Minister  Of Education

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Gasparillo Secondary School Not Collapsing Assures Minister Of Education

The infrastructure at Gasparillo Secondary School has shown no sign of being structural compromised and is not collapsing.

Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly, told the parliament on Friday afternoon classes are actively ongoing at the school.

It was revealed the building is thirty-nine years old and requires extensive repair.

Some items have been deemed critical and are scheduled to be completed over the course of the academic year.

Work on some of the items which were deemed critical began during the July\ August 2023 vocation period.

These were roof and ceiling replacements in Block B and culvert walkways.

The next phase of works scheduled which was agreed upon when the ministry officials visited the school with the staff on September 7th 2023 includes electrical work to Block B and E and the admin block, burglar proofing repair to Blocks B and E, other repairs to Block B, including railings , stairwells, partitions, box drains , masonry repair and repainting.

As for all other schools the Ministry of Education continues to work with the NMTS on continuous school repair in an effort to ensure disruptions to school operations is kept at a minimum.

The school houses seven hundred and forty-two students.