Acting CoP Jacob: Firearms permit section operational

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Acting CoP Jacob: Firearms permit section operational

Acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob would like to inform the public that operations at the Firearms Permit Section, have not ceased. He further stated that the section is actively accepting and he is approving applications for Firearm User’s Licences, and as such duly qualified persons are welcome to apply.

The Acting Commissioner also stated that since 2015 software was purchased by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) to increase efficiency at the Firearm Section, and to provide swift service to persons desirous of obtaining their Firearm User’s Licence. The full utilisation of the software would have enabled the section to be completely digitised, in an attempt to shift from the current outdated manual system.

However, this process of digitisation was stymied by former employees of the Firearms Section, who failed to use the software, and continued manual operations, which facilitated a host of corrupt practices. After receiving several reports, investigations were initiated by Acting Commissioner Jacob in October 2021. Several persons including police officers have since been charged for a series of offences ranging from Misbehaviour in Public Office and Approving Variation of Firearm User’s Licences Without Lawful Authority.

Additionally, pursuant to the Firearms Act chapter 16:01, provisions are only made by law for the use of the Firearms Licence Booklet by Firearm User’s Licence holders in Trinidad and Tobago. Acting CoP Jacob stated, “Whilst the implementation of the Firearm Cards was a step in the right direction, the issuance of the cards as a replacement for the booklet was unlawful. I am making efforts to cause the law to be amended whereby Firearm Cards can be used in lieu of the booklet”.

Acting Commissioner Jacob would like to reassure members of the public that the TTPS is committed to the fight against crime and recognises the need for each citizen to feel safe and secure. He also advised that officers of the section are working feverishly to have the prescribed software fully utilised, which would allow applications to be processed without delay.