Four Dead After Trump Supporters Storm US Congress

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Four Dead After Trump Supporters Storm US Congress

Four people have died after the uprising in Washington DC as Congress continued the process of approving the election result.

About six hours after Congress had to be dramatically evacuated due to intruders, politicians were back in the Senate and House of Representatives.

According to the police, the riots claimed the lives of four people. A woman was shot by a police officer in the congress building on Wednesday and later died in the hospital, said the chief of police in the US capital, Robert Contee. In addition, three other deaths were reported from the Capitol area.

At least 14 police officers were injured, two of them difficult. One of the seriously injured was pulled into the crowd by demonstrators and attacked there. The second suffered significant facial injuries when he was hit by a projectile.

According to police, two pipe bombs were found in a vehicle, also Molotov-Cocktails been discovered. Until the evening the police arrested 52 people – four for prohibited gun possession and 47 for violating the night curfew, which came into effect at 6:00 pm. Half of these arrests were made on the Capitol grounds. The FBI also announced that it had defused two suspected explosive devices. Also Protests were reported from other cities such as Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

New details from the events are gradually dripping out. Now the criticism of the police’s handling is increasing. Police Chief Robert Contee says a chemical was used against the police and that several police officers are injured.