February 8th and April 12th – proposed dates for the phased reopening of schools

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February 8th and April 12th – proposed dates for the phased reopening of schools

Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly, says February 8th and April 12th are the proposed dates for the phased reopening of Secondary and Primary Schools.

Dr Gadsby Dolly says the Ministry continues to be guided by expert advice from the Ministry of Health on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a virtual news briefing held at the Ministry’s St Vincent Street, Port of Spain head office this afternoon, Minister Gadsby Dolly provided additional information on the issue.

The Education Minister also revealed measures taken for the general operations of schools.

Source: News Power Now/Power102.1fm

Secondary School – 
 Schools to open on February 8th, 2021 for Forms 4 to 6 utilising a blended/hybrid system
(online and face-to-face).
 The MOH has advised that mask wearing be mandated for all students above the age of
eight (8). Therefore, all students MUST wear masks.
 The MOH has further advised that in order to minimize the risk of infection, minimal
opportunities be given for students to mingle.
 Schools are mandated, in line with MOH recommendations, to allow students to
eat/drink whilst seated in the classroom. Breaks (bathroom visits, lunch) should be
 Classrooms and laboratories are to be organised to facilitate 6 ft. (head-to-head)
physical distances as mandated by the MOH. This means calculating the amount of
students that can be accommodated in the existing teaching-learning spaces at the
 Secondary schools are authorised to operate within normal school hours.
 Online teaching should continue as far as possible for students of Forms 4, 5 and 6 with
students physically reporting to school to complete Practicals, School Based
Assessments (SBAs) and Internal Assessments (IAs).
 Students should report to school for face-to-face teaching only when absolutely
necessary. The face-to-face sessions should be organised to minimise the contact hours
and the number of students present on the school compound at the same time.
 For students who are physically reporting to school, further guidance is provided in
Section 7: Class Timetable.


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