Farley’s TPP to hold internal elections on June 9

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Farley’s TPP to hold internal elections on June 9

The internal elections for all executive positions within the Tobago People’s Party (TPP), is scheduled to take place on June 9.

The TPP, led by interim political leader Farley Augustine, was formed last year following a fallout with the political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Watson Duke and Augustine in September 2022.

Months after the fallout, the entire THA executive resigned from the PDP moving on to form the TPP in 2023.

Augustine, speaking at the party’s first political meeting at Speyside High School on Sunday evening, said, “I want to encourage all of you as many of you that are ambitious as possible by all means throw your hat in the ring. This is a democratic party and we have to select from among ourselves the very best to lead this party.

“It’s not about electing your friend or who you think is brighter than who, not who has the biggest title, it is about electing who will serve the people,” Augustine said.

He encouraged supporters to form their own slate or even contest as independent candidates.

“I want to assure you that we shall not behave like those on the other side. We shall not behave like those heathens. We shall behave in a sanctified manner and in a dignified manner we shall contest leadership of the party,” he said.

Augustine even waived the partial fees to encourage people to join the TPP to participate in the upcoming internal elections.

Augustine said one of the main focuses of the party would be addressing crime in Tobago.