Escapee shot and killed by police

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Escapee shot and killed by police

Police in Siparia fatally shot an escapee after he allegedly attacked an officer with a spade.

Jadhi Williams, 31, of Aripero Village, Rousillac and La Romaine, was arrested on Saturday and charged with obscene language, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

However, around 11:50pm, while being taken from the Oropouche Police Station to the Siparia Police Station, he escaped.

Around 12:15am Sunday, the officers who were searching for him received information that he was spotted entering a yard at Potter’s Lane, Siparia.

Police made their way to the location and on confronting Williams, a scuffle ensued.

It was reported that Williams grabbed a spade from the yard and tried to hit one of the officers. But, before he could make contact, Williams was shot by the other officer on the left shoulder and upper torso.

He was taken to the Siparia Health facility where he was pronounced dead on arrival.