Duke to host 7-day consultation on Tobago’s “self-determination”

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Duke to host 7-day consultation on Tobago’s “self-determination”

The Tobago Autonomy Bill returns to Parliament later this year and Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) leader Watson Duke has announced plans to host a series of consultations on the matter.

Duke’s announcement of the seven-day consultation comes after THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine revealed plans to deliver a list to parliamentarians highlighting “differences” in the autonomy bill.

Duke said Tobago is not asking for autonomy, but self-determination, which, according to him, will give the island the ability to decide if it wants to remain a republic with Trinidad.

However, he denies that secession is part of his plan.

“Just as the bill is about to come to the Parliament, the PDP will embark on seven public meetings and we will be speaking on the issues of self-determination and not the gift of autonomy. With autonomy, you could give it or not give it,” Duke said at a news conference yesterday.

Duke believes he can push for self-determination to be placed into the Constitution.