COVID “isn’t done yet” warns virologist

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COVID “isn’t done yet” warns virologist

Virologist Chris Oura is warning that health authorities should keep an eye on COVID as the virus isn’t yet done.

He issued the warning while speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning.

His comments come as the US authorities have now removed the requirement for a negative COVID test to enter the country.

The requirement was removed as of midnight on Sunday as the Centre for Disease Control said that based on the science and data, it felt the COVID test requirement was no longer necessary.

The Opposition has since called on the Government to end similar requirements for entry into Trinidad and Tobago but thoughts among the public on social media remain divided.

Professor Oura told Power 102 Digital that while the world needs to move on, the virus cannot be ignored.

He suggested that while the virus is mutating as expected, it will be irresponsible to rule out any further surprises.

The virologist noted though that as things currently stand, the virus appeared to be becoming less deadly.

He noted that this is seemingly in keeping with other pandemics which usually last about 3 years.