Works Minister says Cabinet to deliberate on completion of Sando highway extension

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Works Minister says Cabinet to deliberate on completion of Sando highway extension

Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan says the Cabinet will deliberate on the works needed to complete the Archibald-DeLeon Highway from San Fernando to Point Fortin within the coming weeks.

The highway officially opened last October after 13 years of construction. However, there are diversions at two points.

In January 2022, 180 metres of the northbound carriageway along Mosquito Creek, South Oropouche, collapsed and the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) commissioned a study into the failed portion.

There is also an incomplete portion of the highway between Vance River and Guapo where National Gas Company (NGC) pipelines cross the its intended path. As such, motorists travelling to and from Point Fortin have to divert onto the Southern Main Road for several kilometres before rejoining the highway.

Sinanan, in a Guardian Media interview, said that final negotiations were taking place, and the MOWT should have a solution soon.

He said a peer review of the study and solution was complete and was now with the MOWT. Sinanan said the MOWT was now deliberating the way forward based on the report submitted and would decide whether the initial contractor would carry out the work or if there would be a new tender.

“The peer review has been completed. They have found a way forward, so very soon, we will be going to Cabinet with the way forward, meaning within the next week or two, and we expect work to start right after that,” Sinanan said.

After the work is completed, he said, Cabinet will decide if the highway will venture to other areas.