Bulgaria Implements Contingency Plan Amid Russian Gas Stoppage

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Bulgaria Implements Contingency Plan Amid Russian Gas Stoppage

The Bulgarian government says it was prepared for Russia’s move today to suspend its gas supply.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has reassured Bulgarians there will be no shortage, and has spoken to the neighbouring Greek government to ensure alternative supplies.

Bulgaria gets 90% of its gas from Russia – making it more vulnerable to the Russian move than Poland.

But reports by the BBC’s Nick Thorpe say the political reaction in the capital Sofia was robust.

Prime Minister Petkov has accused the Kremlin of racketeering and blackmail.

Mr Petkov immediately began talks with the Greek government, with its Prime Minister confirming that a crucial interconnector, carrying Azeri gas from Komotini in Greece to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, will open – as planned – in June.

The Greek government also offered supplies of liquefied natural gas to Bulgaria, if needed.

It has been noted that the new gas is likely to cost Bulgaria more.