CoP wants second lie-detector test for new police officers

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CoP wants second lie-detector test for new police officers

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, says he is seeking to get police officers who join the service to do a second mandatory polygraph or lie-detector test.

Commissioner Griffith says he is also recommending officers be placed on a two year probationary period and their contract is reviewed.

The Commissioner made the suggestions during a sitting today of the Joint Select Committee on National Security.

The Committee inquired into the Strategies to combat the prevalence of Organized Criminal Gangs in Trinidad and Tobago, with special focus on measures implemented to identify vulnerable youth and intervene early with the following entities.

Commissioner Griffith also gave an update of criminal gangs in the Trinidad and Tobago.

Acting Sergeant Jacey Small of the Community Relations Central Division highlighted some of the positive impacts the unit has been able to achieve.


Source: News Power Now/Power102.1fm