Sando Mayor in the true spirit of Carnival

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Sando Mayor in the true spirit of Carnival

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello isn’t letting the Carnival Tabanca take over his festive spirit.

Mayor Regrello went to work on Carnival Monday, dressed in a white and black Indian-style costume made by veteran masman, Lionel Jagessar.

Regrello said “notwithstanding the call to be responsible, by following the Ministry of Health guidelines, and not parading on the street, ‘The Carnival in WE’ is a compelling phenomenon that we find difficult to resist.”

Mayaro Regrello said the ‘Carnival in WE’ needs to support the government’s clarion for safety, however, the Carnival in WE, can be demonstrated in a subdued way, in the private confines of his office space.