CoP says “game changer” coming to deal with sex offenders

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CoP says “game changer” coming to deal with sex offenders

It seems the Commissioner of Police has a plan in place for those individuals being held for sexual assault offences.

Over the past two weeks, there has been an influx of sexual assault matters, especially against minors.

However, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said he has a game-changer coming soon.

He said: “We are fully aware of these concerns, very soon there will be something that I will be launching that is going to be a game-changer to deal with sexual offences to children.”

Griffith said T&T is becoming a very sick society.

He said “Certain elements, especially people that you will see on social media, they try to condone wrongdoing. They try to spend more time attacking and discrediting those who are here to protect victims from perpetrators and they try to defend those people who are in criminal activity.”

Griffith said that since they formed the Gender-based Violence Unit they have seen the importance of it, as it has greatly helped persons who have been affected by crime in that regard.

“Likewise, we have revamped the Child Protection Unit and very soon we will be launching the Sexual Offense Unit, which will be a critical element of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service,” he said.

He said the recent cases also showed that Trinidad and Tobago was more likely to uphold lawlessness.

Griffith said “Just as we have seen constantly as it pertains to domestic violence…Everybody knew about it but not one person ever saw it fit to pick up a phone and submit a report for the police to let the police be aware.”