CoP on officers facing murder charges: “A sad day for the country”

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CoP on officers facing murder charges: “A sad day for the country”

Acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob has described the arrest and charging of the officers as “a sad day for the country and a sad day for the police service”.

Speaking on Tuesday on the TTPS’ Beyond the Tape show on TV6, Jacob however called on officers to “…rise above the occasion” as the country is depending on the police.

He said the charges will have a significant psychological, mental effect on other police officers but urged them to “continue holding the reins and doing what is required”.

The Acting Commissioner maintained that while trust in the police fluctuates, he believed that the general consensus was that the population trusted the police.

He also insisted that the TTPS will continue using its use-of-force policy which he added is consistent with the Criminal Law Act and grants officers the opportunity to use the necessary force.

Commissioner Jacob said this position will be reinforced to avoid any doubt by officers, which may cause them to hesitate when faced with a threat and result in their subsequent injury.

He also lauded the officers’ arrest as a sign that the police were willing to act independently to do their duties professionally.