Consumers will pay for crime costs says TT entrepreneur

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Consumers will pay for crime costs says TT entrepreneur

The country is in a post pandemic hangover, with consequences of decisions made during the pandemic now coming to light.

This is the assessment of entrepreneur Peter George.

Ahead of today’s budget presentation, the restaurateur noted that corporate T&T has benefitted more than the rest of the public as a result of the pandemic.

Mr George added that this however is being wrongfully used as a benchmark for the country’s economic recovery.

He said while some sectors may have seen an uptick in income, many small business owners and individuals still face difficult situations.

He also addressed the impact of crime on doing business noting that it acts as a detererent to investors.

Mr George also explained that businesses will be forced in some way to pass on the cost of safety and security to their customers.

He also addressed the call by unions for double digit percentage salary increases.

Mr George claimed that this will not necessarily translate to an increase in purchasing power as business will eventually have to adjust to the increased salary demands.