Chow Kings lands new spot in San Juan

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Chow Kings lands new spot in San Juan

Joshua Faltine, the owner of Chow Kings, after his brush with the law has said that he moved his San Juan branch at Tru Valu Supermarket.

Faltine in a discussion with IzzSo Media Ltd. said Chow Kings can start operations in a safe zone where he can legally conduct business.

“We kindly appreciate all the spots that were given and we are going to use and occupy all of them to offer the youths an opportunity to stay off the streets and try something new to make a difference and bring a positive change to our country.”


Faltine was arrested and slapped with seven charges for illegal vending in the Croisee in San Juan on Monday afternoon.

Chow Kings will be live from Friday May 27th @chow.kings on Facebook and Instagram during the day to show production of the main branch.