PM requests full explanation from CoP on Brent Thomas matter

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PM requests full explanation from CoP on Brent Thomas matter

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has expressed grave concern about the Brent Thomas matter and has requested National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to get a full explanation from Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher.

In a GML report, Rowley stated that he wants answers concerning all aspects of the fiasco, from how Thomas came to be removed from Barbados and brought back to Trinidad for a case.

The Prime Minister made it clear, however, that the Government was not involved in the matter.

Thomas, an authorised firearms dealer, shot to fame following a judgement last week by Justice Devindra Rampersad.

Rampersad stated that Thomas, who was at the centre of police investigations in mid-2022, was “unlawfully abducted” last October when T&T police officers, with Barbados police officers’ assistance, detained Thomas while he transited through Barbados, en route to Miami.

Rampersad, who suggested the manner of the detention showed an attempt to bypass the lawful procedure of requesting Thomas’ extradition, halted the criminal case against him.

The Police Complaints Authority is now investigating the matter and both T&T’s Government and the Barbados government have called for reports on the Thomas matter from each island’s respective police services.