Cardi B threatens lawsuit against person behind Offset cheating claims

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Cardi B threatens lawsuit against person behind Offset cheating claims

Cardi B says that her husband Offset will be taking legal action against a Twitter troll who she says superimposed Offset’s tattoo in a video to use it to support claims that he had cheated on the “Bodak Yellow” rapper.

On Tuesday morning, the rapper said she was tired of those who felt that their actions would not bring consequences as she called out a Twitter user who had posted the video.

Offset and Cardi B have been married since 2017, but their marriage was rocked by cheating scandals a few years ago, leading to Cardi B filing for divorce. Earlier this year, Offset admitted that he cheated and hurt his wife, but that was because he was not mature and ready for the commitment with Cardi. However, the couple has been in better times as they welcomed kids, Kulture and a son, Wave, and enjoy life as a married couple.

Despite that, Cardi’s peace was disturbed after a Twitter user claimed that he had video evidence of Offset cheating on his wife again. The Twitter page appears to be a Nicki Minaj fan account or supporter of the Barbz that posted an audio clip with someone saying.

“Set trying to hook up with a woman that isn’t Cardi B,” the audio said before going on to say that there is an image of the woman Offset was allegedly trying to hook up with.

Cardi B, however, cleared the air that the video was fake and her husband’s tattoo was photoshopped.

“I wonder how Mr. Benny Wayne Walker Junior is going to feel when he receives a letter to his workplace and to his home because his son Ashton decided, which he’s a graphic designer to put tattoos on somebody’s body claiming it’s my husband,” Cardi B said.

She continued, “Which by the way babe If you want to make it more convincing that it was my husband, make sure to put the blonde dreads and the bottoms since the dreads in your picture was black, and also my husband is not that skinny.”

She added that her lawyer would be sending it out to the Twitter user because she was tired of people making up cheating rumors.

“All these little games that you guys want to play online, it’s going to be over with. Make sure you have fun explainin’ that you your father babe cause you’re going to be getting sued, and we’re going to make an example out of you. Yeah, and, that was a terrible AI voice, by the way, so yeah, bye.”

The Twitter user later deleted the tweet but later updated fans that Cardi B had filed a copyright claim against the Tweet.

“B**ch you mad at me when you need to be mad at the n**a that’s CHEATING ON YOU!!” he wrote in an updated tweet.