Mother of 3 gunned down

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Mother of 3 gunned down

Aneesa Ramkissoon, a 27-year-old mother of three, was shot and killed by two gunmen at her St Augustine home on Friday.

The incident took place around 1pm, in front of her mother, sister and children.

Reports state that Ramkissoon pleaded with the gunmen to spare her life, but they still shot multiple times before walking away and escaping through the rice fields surrounding Warner Street, Freeman Road, St Augustine.

The gunmen set the rice fields on fire as they escaped.

Aneesa operated a parlour at her home and was reportedly a money lender, while her husband was a coconut vendor.

Her sister Neisha Ramkissoon told police she had received a phone call from Aneesa just as the gunmen entered and she heard them warning her (Aneesa) to lock up and stay inside.
A short while later a neighbour called to tell her Aneesa had been shot.

Neisha, in a GML interview, said her sister used to sell drugs, but gave it up following a double murder on their street, which occurred on January 24th.
She added that she was told her sister tried to give the suspects money but they refused it.
“They never take it, they leave it. They come to kill my sister.”

Aneesa leaves behind a three-year-old girl and two boys aged six years and one month.