Brace yourselves – Another Hot Spell Alert in effect until October 31st

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Brace yourselves – Another Hot Spell Alert in effect until October 31st

The heat is on… again!

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service is warning of high temperatures, possibly reaching 34 degrees Celsius or higher in Trinidad, and near 33 degrees Celsius or higher in Tobago.

In an update today, the Met Office issued a Hot Spell Alert – Yellow Level – from 9am today to October 31 at 4pm.

In city areas, the Met Office said ‘feel-like’ temperatures may soar to a scorching 44 degrees Celsius.

“The month of October is the last month of Trinidad & Tobago’s heat season and over the next four weeks, daily temperatures are expected to reach near 34°C or greater in Trinidad, and near 33°C or greater in Tobago.

“The hottest time of the day is between 10am and 4pm.

“In cities, urban and built-up areas, maximum temperatures are expected to be higher than 34.0 °C and “feel-like” temperatures will likely range between 34°C and 44°C.

“These elevated temperatures, coupled with tropical moisture and light winds, are the primary drivers of intense, isolated daytime thunderstorms. Additionally, rainfall events associated with tropical waves or the ITCZ, though not expected to be frequent this month, may still provide brief relief from the intense heat, however, hot conditions are likely to return once these events pass.”

The public is being urged to stay cool by keeping out of direct sunlight where possible during the hottest times of the day, to stay hydrated at all times and wear appropriate clothing to keep cool where possible.

Residents can also open windows, vents and doors to keep ventilation in the home at all times.