BBC2 to air new documentary When Bob Marley Came to Britain

BBC2 to air new documentary When Bob Marley Came to Britain

Bob Marley’s influence on British culture will be the focus of a one-hour documentary titled When Bob Marley Came to Britain, slated for the BBC2 this month.

According to British music journalism website NME, the film will investigate the Jamaican reggae singer’s influence on the United Kingdom’s music scene.

Narrated by Obaro Ejimiwe, When Bob Marley Came to Britian will include rare archive footage and interviews with people who met and knew Marley across the UK.

It is produced and directed by Stuart Ramsay, while Karen Gabay produced the story. Mark Robinson of Wise Owl Films is credited as executive producer.
“We know that Bob Marley’s music has impacted on millions of people’s lives across the planet – but less well known are the life-changing stories of the people he met while he lived in the UK,” said Robinson.

“Although Marley lived and recorded in London during the Seventies he also toured the country extensively – from Teesside to Lancaster, Birmingham to Bristol – and helped change the culture of Britain along the way.

“For this documentary we talked to those who have never forgotten their encounter with Marley – whether they accompanied him on tour, saw him perform in their school hall, or were present when he visited Rastafarian communities in the North of England,” he said.