Augustine thanks Tobagonians for giving the island the gift of good governance

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Augustine thanks Tobagonians for giving the island the gift of good governance

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine is urging Tobagonians to follow all protocols, wear their masks, wash or sanitise their hands and avoid large gatherings to prevent more lives being lost because of the covid19 pandemic.

In his Christmas message, he said the festive season comes once again amidst a time of fear and uncertainty, at a time when many citizens are struggling to make it through, with little energy remaining to muster the Christmas spirit. Instead of the intimacy that usually characterises this anticipated period, he cautioned Tobagonians to exercise restraint.

“But while the Christmas spirit may feel distant for some of us, it is not dead. The essence of Christmas continues to emerge in the most remarkable ways, at the unexpected moments, reminding us of the ultimate hope brought by the light of this world.”

“The hope I am asking you to adopt is not an abstract concept. This type of hope demands firm action to bring it to fruition. It is intentional; it is unflinching; it rides on a deep-seated belief that we can in fact make a difference. This hope is not a solo effort, it is the coming together of a whole, and it is powerful enough to bridge any chasm or divide. I am talking about a hope that remains expectant because it is aware of the deliberate efforts being made.

“That is the kind of hope I am asking us to tap into as Tobagonians.”

He said it may require patience and endurance, but these virtues are not outside the scope of Tobagonians as a people.

“We have exercised patience before, and I am confident that we can do so again. This Christmas season also calls for goodwill. And as we celebrate yet another Christmas in the face of a crisis, it is paramount that we remain perceptive and compassionate to the needs of others. Let us proudly showcase that camaraderie, which remains one of our island’s greatest assets. Always pledging to keep an eye out for our neighbour.”

He said to be able to celebrate another Christmas with life and strength is indeed a blessing, as he thanked every healthcare and frontline worker fighting for the island, and country, on the frontlines of this pandemic.

“From the janitorial staff ensuring that the sanitation of our facilities is up to par; to the doctors and nurses providing urgent care and assistance to thousands of patients; and even those on the administrative side ensuring that they are all well-supported, we thank you for your tireless sacrifice and your unwavering commitment to your duties.”

He expressed his sincere gratitude to the other essential workers, many of whom, he said are unable to spend the holidays with their loved ones.

“Thank you for your service and your contribution to keeping us afloat during this critical time.

“I also want to publicly thank Tobago for your support and giving this island the gift of good governance. This administration is truly honoured to serve all of you. We are ready to put our shoulders to the wheel, and we are eager to introduce a new brand of politics which will propel this island forward.”