2024 Dry Season officially begins

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2024 Dry Season officially begins

The Met Service has officially declared the start of the 2024 Dry Season.

It says likely impacts include a reduction in ground water recharge, surface water flows and rain-fed water availability.

The TTMS also expects the initial part of the dry season – January to March – to be mostly drier than normal, likely resulting in an increase in surface and vegetation dryness, and an increased potential for bush, forest and landfill fires.

Also, as the dry season progresses, it says there is an increased probability for Saharan dust-haze events.

Despite this, the 2024 Dry Season is not expected to be totally devoid of rainfall – the TTMS says the latter part of the season is expected to be wetter than normal.

In light of the declaration, the public is being advised to conserve, store and manage water in a sustainable manner, and to refrain from burning rubbish in grassy or forested areas.