2 men gunned down in separate incidents

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2 men gunned down in separate incidents

Homicide Bureau Region II officers are continuing enquiries into the murders of two men in separate incidents on Friday night.

The deceased have been identified as Shane Burke and Anthony Fuentes.

Reports are that Burke, 32, was hanging out with two men at a fruit stall on Trainline Road, Malabar, around 8.30 pm, when a black vehicle approached them.

Three gunmen got out of the car and began firing at Burke and his friends.
The gunmen then got back in their vehicle and drove off.

Burke was shot several times as his friends ran into nearby bushes.

One man was shot three times in his upper left thigh while the other was shot on his right index finger.

Burked died at the scene. The injured men were rushed to the Arima Hospital.

Over 40 spent shells and five live rounds of ammunition were found at the scene.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Antony Fuentes, was in the living room of his home on River Valley Road, Arima, when five men stormed in and shot him several times before running away.

Fuentes died at the scene. Crime scene investigators found nine spent shells.