Woman pushed out PH taxi after being robbed

Woman pushed out PH taxi after being robbed

San Fernando police are searching for a PH taxi driver and his accomplice, after they robbed a 59-year-old woman and then threw her out of the vehicle on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 4pm, the woman reported that she boarded a gold coloured vehicle along High Street, San Fernando and asked to be taken to Siparia.

She told police that there was a man seated in the front passenger seat and when the driver proceeded, the male passenger told her that there was an accident in Debe and that the traffic was being diverted to Woodland.

When the vehicle got to the M2Ring Road, the male passenger jumped over to the back seat and ordered the woman to hand over her valuables.

The man took the woman’s cash, cellphone and jewellery and then shoved her out of the vehicle near an incomplete housing development.

She was able to make her way to the La Romaine police station where she reported the incident.


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    C L R Chase 6 months

    Ph Taxi again I have said already and will say it again the government needs to promote more women taxi drivers . Have a “Pink Taxi” program this is where the government will fund about 250 taxis across the country 10yr low interest loans for women only to operate. These taxis will specifically pick up women and young girls. This program can be part of the gender-base empowerment where women of low to middle income can access these loans be part of the solution and be gainfully employed. The taxi can be cashless credit and debit cards only to avoid women being robbed.

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