18 arrested in Southern Division, 10 warrants executed and a gun seized

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18 arrested in Southern Division, 10 warrants executed and a gun seized

Several anti-crime exercises conducted in the Southern Division on Thursday 27th July into Friday 28th July, 2023 resulted in the recovery of a firearm, the execution of 10 warrants, and the arrest of 18 persons in the Southern Division.

The exercises were conducted as part of the ongoing initiative, ‘Operation Blue Line’ introduced by Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher which mandates all 10 Policing Divisions to utilise anti-gang strategies and intelligence-led exercises to restore public trust and confidence and reduce the fear of crime.

Officers of the Court and Process Branch – Area East conducted an exercise in the Division between the hours of 9 am on Thursday and 3 am on Friday. They executed 10 warrants and arrested nine persons ranging in age from 28 to 57 for outstanding warrants.

In another intelligence-driven exercise targeting known drug blocks and priority offenders, eight men ranging in age from 23 to 43 were arrested for various offences including outstanding warrants, possession of cocaine and enquiries related to several outstanding crimes. The exercise was conducted from 10 am on Thursday 27th to 4:30 am on Friday 28th July, 2023.

‘Operation Blue Line’ continued into late Friday as officers conducted an anti-crime and firearm removal exercise between the hours of 3 pm and 10 pm. It resulted in the arrest of a 28-year-old Princes Town man for Possession of Cannabis. A black plastic bag with a pistol fitted with a magazine was also recovered during the exercise after officers led by Cpl (Ag.) Bahadur proceeded to Bayshore, Marabella based on information received. They recovered the firearm within the vicinity of the mangrove.

Enquiries are continuing.