YTC prisoners used hacksaw blade to escape

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YTC prisoners used hacksaw blade to escape

Prisons Commissioner Gerald Wilson said the five prisoners who escaped from the Youth Training Center (YTC) this morning used a hacksaw blade to set themselves free.

Wilson visited the dormitory this morning where the five teenagers escaped. Speaking with News Power Now, Wilson said the boys used a hacksaw blade to cut the bottom of the gate on the western side of the dormitory. He said they would have made their way to the eastern side of the building by removing the wire from the ground, crawling under the wire, and climbing over the fence of the dormitory. Wilson added that the eastern side of the dormitory is surrounded by bush, and they would have used the leaves as cover while escaping.

Wilson said negligence on the part of prison officers may have led to the boys having access to the tool. He said the tool is used in the workshops on the compound, and it is likely one of the teens would have taken it from a tool box.

Around 2:00am, the teens were discovered missing from the Success dormitory at YTC. They are:

  1. DILLANO MARCANO of La Paille Village Drive Caroni – 16 years-old
  2. JADEN FLETCHER, 16, of Lp#73 Parrylands Village, Guapo – 16 years-old
  3. ANTHONY RAMSUMAIR of No. 12 New Village Extension, La Fortune, Woodland – 19 years-old
  4. SHAKEEL BRIAN SEEPERSAD of No. 24 Sea Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin – 17 years-old
  5. DARREN SCOTT of O’meara Road, Carapo Village, Arima –18 years-old

They have all been charged for murder.

Members of the public are being asked to circulate the photos provided and to contact the nearest police station if they see the escapees, or have any information that will lead to their recapture. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the escaped men can contact the police at 999, 911, 555, 800-TIPS or any police station or text/WhatsApp 482-GARY.