Trinbagonians need to follow the rules to flatten the curve; or risk being like India

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Trinbagonians need to follow the rules to flatten the curve; or risk being like India

While the Health Ministry “can advice, recommend and mandate certain things” at the end of the day “it’s the people who need to follow the rules.”

So says Virologist Professor Christopher Oura.

In an interview with GML, he said “If the people of Trinidad and Tobago do not follow the rules; if they continue to mix households, get up close and congregate then this virus is going to carry on spreading so it’s a matter of not just the Government.”

“If people don’t adhere to the measures we will lose this and we have seen what’s happening in countries around the world like India. It is really important now with the number of cases and the deaths (in T&T) that we flatten this peak.”

On the announcement by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that the virus that causes COVID-19, is airborne and can be transmitted via respiratory fluids, Oura explained that this is nothing really new.

He said that “When we speak and even breathe, a certain amount of droplets come out of our mouths and nose and that gets projected into the air and the larger droplets we produce fall to the ground very quickly within a short space and the go on to surface.
“But there are and there has been evidence recently over time, that there are some smaller droplets that are able to be suspended in the air for longer periods of time that they, as the large droplets have virus on them so if they are breathed in, we have a danger of being infected.”

“This is the evidence that has come up over time, that these very small droplets can be suspended in the air and they can move so in some cases they can move more than six feet away.”

Oura said this news emphasises the need for citizens to ensure proper ventilation in closed spaces and in air-conditioning rooms.