Nurse fired after patient dies next to her with his pants down

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Nurse fired after patient dies next to her with his pants down

A UK nurse has been fired after her affair with a patient was discovered only when he died with her in the backseat of a car in the hospital car park.

Penelope Williams had been having a year-long affair with the dialysis patient when he suffered heart failure while they were together in a hospital car park.

A disciplinary panel heard that Ms Williams, who had hidden the relationship from her managers, failed to call 999 and instead rang a colleague who turned up and performed CPR.

Ms Williams initially claimed that she met with the unnamed patient and sat in the back of his car for about 30-45 minutes just talking” before he “started groaning and suddenly died”.

However, it all unravelled when her co-worker reported that when she arrived at the car park the unnamed patient was in the back of a car with his “trousers down”.

An autopsy ruled that the patient died from “heart failure and chronic kidney disease triggered by a medical episode”.

Nurse Williams eventually admitted to the affair.

She can no longer work as a Nurse as authorities struck her name off the list of registered nurses and say her breach of guidance on patient boundaries “brought the nursing profession into disrepute”.