New promises ‘would limit global warming to 1.8C’

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New promises ‘would limit global warming to 1.8C’

Some very positive news coming this morning from the influential International Energy Agency, a body that advises governments about energy.

It has crunched the numbers from promises made at COP26 and calculated that the world will keep to a 1.8C degree rise in global temperatures if all the pledges are carried out.

Remember, the core goal of this summit is to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C (in order to protect us from the worst effects of climate change) – but before COP26, we were warned that the planet is on track for a 2.7C degree increase.

The IEA says that the pledges to reduce methane emissions and reach net zero made in Glasgow have pushed us closer to a 1.8C degree rise.

IEA President Fatih Birol called these results “a big step forward”, adding “much more needed”.

Of course, countries must deliver on their promises for this prediction to be a reality.