Wrecking in POS to resume…but not today

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Wrecking in POS to resume…but not today

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacobs says that contrary to reports, wrecking in the capital city will not resume today.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show, he noted that there are still some operational details to be worked out such as where wrecked vehicles will be stored.

However he explained that once this is sorted, wrecking in Port of Spain will resume.

He also commented on the practice of vehicles being wrecked without officers enquiring as to the whereabouts of the owner.

Commissioner Jacobs endorsed calls for this practice to stop saying that it was wrong.

He also addressed concerns that the police time and resources could be better spent addressing crime rather than indiscriminate parking.

He said traffic division officers will be not solely be focused on wrecking but rather also having a visible presence and addressing crime in the city.