WPC robbed in front of children in Malabar

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WPC robbed in front of children in Malabar

Arima police are on the hunt for two men who robbed a 32-year-old police-woman in Malabar on Thursday night.

The incident took place in front of her two children.

Around 10pm, the woman was standing at the front gate of a relative’s home on Cliff Bertrand, Malabar, while both her children were sitting in her black Nissan Note, when she saw two men approaching.

The woman thought the men looked suspicious and immediately ran to her car.

However, one of the men pointed a gun at her.

The woman took her children and ran inside the relative’s house as the bandits drove off with her vehicle with the cellphone and two Amazon tablets still inside.

A report was made and Arima police found the car abandoned on Amazon Road, Wallerfield at around 11.15 pm.