Chinese Ambassador to TT reiterates safety of Sinopharm vaccine

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Chinese Ambassador to TT reiterates safety of Sinopharm vaccine

Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Fang Qiu, has assured that the vaccines offered to T&T from his homeland are safe and effective.

China has offered to provide Trinidad and Tobago with 100,000 doses of its Sino¬pharm Covid-19 vaccines, which is still awaiting World Health Organisation (WHO) approval.

In a statement, the ambassador said “The safety and effectiveness of Chinese vaccines are earning recognition across the world. We have joined COVAX, under which China has undertaken to provide an initial ten million doses for emergency use in developing countries.”

He pointed out that “Altogether, 17 Chinese vaccines have entered clinical trials. While managing to meet the enormous vaccination demand at home for the huge population, China has striven to provide and export vaccines to over 100 countries.”

Fang added: “We are also ready to work with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to Olympians. It is our hope that Chinese vaccines will inject more confidence and hope into the global fight against the virus.”

He further stated that China has extended a helping hand to many nations providing anti-¬pandemic assistance to over 150 countries and nine international organisations.

Fang said China is a committed front-¬runner in promoting international vaccine co-operation and a steadfast advocate for equitable vaccine distribution, he added.

The ambassador stated China will work with Trinidad and Tobago to safeguard the health of its people.