A woman threw a ‘death party’ after her stalker died

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A woman threw a ‘death party’ after her stalker died

One woman threw a “death party” and dedicated it to the death of her stalker and now people are speaking out saying how hideous/super tasteless it was. 

According to Hollywood Unlocked, she used a popular Reddit discussion for reassurance and explained how she had survived over a year of stalking from a man who began harassing her at her job. It quickly grew into being followed outside of work and popping up uninvited at places she was with friends.

She stated the man stalked her for over a year and it began at her job. She said she complained to the police about the stalking but they were taking her as a joke.

This struck her to change homes, change jobs, buy a new car, and remake her social media accounts.

After a reading the newspaper one day, she saw that her stalker had died, so she invited a handful of close friends over, where they “mostly just hung out and had fun.”