Woman threatened and assaulted inside Police station

A Po­lice Sergeant was ar­rest­ed on Sun­day night af­ter he al­leged­ly at­tacked his wife in­side a po­lice sta­tion where she went to make a re­port that he had threat­ened to kill her.

A 53 year old woman who went to the San Juan Police station to report a threat to her life by her husband was allegedly attached by her husband inside the police station. The alleged assailant was her husband a police Sergeant whom it was reported threatened to kill her during an argument.

Ac­cord­ing to po­lice, The woman was heard screaming moments after she left the station following making the report at around 8:50pm on Sunday.

Reports indicated that other officers went the woman’s assistance after the Sergeant was seen dragging the woman violently in the street . There were also reports that the woman was again attacked inside the station at which point the alleged attacker was removed from the premises.

Investigations are continuing.