West: Amendments to PCA operations will assist investigations in 2021

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West: Amendments to PCA operations will assist investigations in 2021

Director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), David West, is very happy with the amendments made to the legislation governing the Authority’s operations and he believes these new amendments will greatly assist the independent body with its investigations in 2021.

West, during an interview on CNC3’s The Morning Brew, revealed that the amendments will see the PCA benefit from broader evidence gathering capabilities, even allowing for PCA investigators to be included as interested parties in Coroner’s Inquests.

He said “The other amendments are to be debated when Parliament reopens in January, so within the first quarter of next year, we should see these new amendments.”

The PCA director believes the public trusts the PCA but admits that the lengthy investigative process poses a problem for some.

West is calling for a strengthening of the efficiency and effectiveness of key crime fighting institutions, such as the Forensic Sciences Centre and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, through proper resourcing and funding.

West said he meets regularly with the Police Commissioner, who has been advocating for officers to accept the PCA’s role.

He said “The cooperation is going well.  We all have a better understanding of what the PCA is about.  I think the Commissioner is trying to let his officers know that the PCA is not there to be against them but to help them, and that being cleared by an independent institution is important.  I think his officers are realising this.”