Wasa Addressing Water Supply To Kernaham Trace, Las Lomas

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Wasa Addressing Water Supply To Kernaham Trace, Las Lomas

The Water And Sewerage Authority says it has been facing challenges with maintaining a consistent pipe borne water supply to parts of the Kernaham Trace, Las Lomas area.

It says it has also been providing a supplementary truck borne service to affected customers.

In this regard, the Authority’s records reflect that 124 truck borne deliveries were made to customers along Kernaham Trace, in February 2024.

Part of Kernaham Trace is supplied by the Caroni Water Treatment Plant, while the other is serviced by the Las Lomas WTP. At present, customers in the area, who are supplied by the Caroni WTP in particular, have been experiencing low pressures or no water, since they are located at the extremities of the distribution system.

In recognition of the issues facing customers in this area, the Authority is taking the following steps to improve the level of service:

An interconnection to the Las Lomas pipeline distribution system will be made in the coming days, which will augment the supply to customers serviced by the Caroni system.

The Authority is also currently carrying out refurbishment works on its Las Lomas Well #12, which when completed by the end of March 2024, will add approximately 0.4 million gallons of water per day, to the distribution system.

This is expected to further augment and improve the level of service to customers in Kernaham Trace and environs.

The Authority remains committed to providing a truck borne supply to customers in the area, while it works on implementing the necessary measures to improve the pipe borne service.