Virologist says Brazilian variant of COVID less easily neutralised

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Virologist says Brazilian variant of COVID less easily neutralised

Professor of Molecular Genetics and Virology Christine Carrington, has revealed that the P1 variant, also known as the Brazilian strain, is less easily neutralised.

Carrington shared some information with regards to the P1 Variant of Covid-19 which originated in Brazil at today’s Ministry of Health media briefing.

Professor Carrington indicated that due to the mutation of the virus, the P1 variant is less easily neutralised by immune responses which leads to persons being re-infected. However she stated that the Astra Zeneca vaccine appears to still be effective against it.

Professor Carrington also provided some statistics on the P1 variant gathered from studies in Brazil where the variant is prevalent. The Professor shared that one of these studies indicated that the variant is 1.7 -2.4 times more transmissible than the original strain.

Another one of these studies inferred that the P1 variant is 10-80% more lethal than the original strain. Professor Carrington however, indicated that these studies have not been peer reviewed as yet and more research needs to be done before any conclusive statements can be made.