Venezuelan man found dead in Las Lomas drain

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Venezuelan man found dead in Las Lomas drain

Police are hoping that CCTV footage will help them ascertain the circumstances surrounding the death of a Venezuelan man, who was found dead on Thursday in Las Lomas.

The man was discovered in a drain on Ajodha Road, Las Lomas Number One, with his hands bound and multiple injuries.

Police were called the scene around 3:10pm.

Officers responded and found the hands were bound with clear plastic tie straps and the injuries appeared to be stab wounds.

No forms of identification were found and officers are appealing to the public to assist with any information on the man’s identity.

The deceased was described as approximately five feet eight inches tall, fair complexion, and medium build, clad in a multi-coloured jersey, black long jeans and black socks on his feet.

The body was removed pending a post-mortem at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.

Anyone with information can contact the police emergency numbers at 555, 999, or 911, or the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region III at 652-0495, contact the police through the emergency app.