Usain Bolt to be honored with commemorative bank note by US firm

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Usain Bolt to be honored with commemorative bank note by US firm

Usain Bolt has been named among the sports legends in the world who will be honored with commemorative bank notes, a Las Vegas sports memorabilia company has announced.

The Jamaican Olympic legend turned producer made headlines in the finance world late last year after he revealed that he was scammed out of U$12 million dollars at a financial institution. Bolt is now engaged in a court battle to have his money returned after an employee gave a statement that she stole millions of dollars from clients of the embattled Stocks and Securities, SSL Limited.

Despite the travails in his financial life, Bolt continues to get his flowers as an American company, Top Legends, a sports and entertainment memorabilia company based in Las Vegas, revealed plans to add Bolt to its plans to release commemorative bank notes honoring him.

According to the company in a release, the memorabilia series will honor the best in athletics, and Bolt Note will form part of a series of banknotes that features several top athletes.

So far, a commemorative value note of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky has been released.

According to Top Legends, the series will feature seven major figures in the sports world. The series will also seek to honor entertainment figures.

“Future legends will be announced for additional individual series ranging from sports heroes to entertainment icons. The next series will surround athletics, kicking off with the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt,” a statement said.

As for Bolt, he reposted on his Instagram Story a post by Top Legends where he confirmed the coming of the commemorative note.

“Perpetuate the legacy of TOP LEGENDS in the form of commemorative value-note,” the post read.

Top Legend also gave a preview of the Gretzky note, which featured unique features like a gold plate on the bill along with photos of the athlete.

“Each value-note is authenticated by @upperdecksports, a worldwide sports and entertainment company leading the field of collectible memorabilia. With authentication from Upper Deck, each customer can be sure that the value-note in their hands is unique and truly one of a kind,” the company wrote on Instagram.