Neighbours get ‘disgusting’ revenge over parking space

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Neighbours get ‘disgusting’ revenge over parking space

A couple were left disgusted after a parking dispute allegedly led to their neighbours exacting revenge in a very shocking manner. Sue and Martin Waters had been holidaying in Cyprus when they received a doorbell notification alerting them that someone was on their property.

After checking their footage, taken in the early hours of August 6th, Sue, 59, and Martin, 61, claim they were shocked to see their neighbour approaching their doorstep with a bottle clutched in his gloved hands before opening the letterbox and pouring the liquid inside. The neighbour reportedly then returned to the property holding a solid item, thought to be cat poo, inside a tissue while another male appeared to smear it on Sue’s car.

Sue, from Andover, Hampshire, said: “It turned out he was putting human urine through the letterbox and cat poo everywhere – he put it on my car and the doorstep and he’d even gone round to my back gate and put urine on my bins as well.

According to Sue, tensions arose when their neighbour claimed a ‘communal space’ on their estate was his parking spot, and became annoyed when they and their visiting guests used it.

Sue continued: “The police are saying it’s not a criminal act so he’s got away with everything scot-free. Basically, someone can be on your property, putting poo on your car and putting urine through your door for hours and that’s not a criminal act.