UNC defends its No-Confidence Motion in Young; says it’s the responsible thing to do

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UNC defends its No-Confidence Motion in Young; says it’s the responsible thing to do

The United National Congress (UNC) is continuing to throw all it has at National Security Minister Stuart Young.

In its latest missile via a release today, the UNC said Young is oppressing the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, home and abroad.

They said “As the Official Opposition, elected by the majority of Trinidadians, and representing the majority of citizens who do NOT support this Government, laying the Motion of No-Confidence is the right and responsible course of action.”

“The Parliamentary Opposition has a duty to use every Constitutional means at our disposal to protect our citizens from Stuart Young’s arrogant, discriminatory, cruel, and unconstitutional exercise of power. To this day, he cannot tell the citizens which law empowers him to act in the manner he is.”

The party said “Stuart Young reflects his leader’s contempt for Parliamentary democracy. At all times he conspires to restrict and belittle the Opposition’s sacred, constitutional role in the governance of this country. In this way, he unlawfully and unconstitutionally exercises powers of life and death over the citizenry.

“If the Executive is unwilling to see reason, then a loyal and patriotic Opposition must raise the “matter at the Legislature. In a Parliamentary democracy, we ought not to simply bypass the Legislature and head straight for the Judiciary.

The release stated: The Motion of No Confidence is the Opposition’s constitutional option to fight back against the dictatorship of Stuart Young, Keith Rowley, Faris Al-Rawi and Colm Imbert. They cannot silence us in the People’s House. We will make the people’s voice be heard in our Parliament, and be clearly inscribed in the official record, now and for all future generations “The United National Congress will always fight for our country and our people.”