US inches towards Congress result as last votes counted

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US inches towards Congress result as last votes counted

Votes are still being counted in the US midterms – the result of which will decide the balance of power for the next two years of President Biden’s presidency.

The pace of US inflation – a key issue during the midterms – has eased a little, but it is still at a decade-high level.

Republicans look set to take the House of Representatives – the lower chamber of Congress – but control of the Senate is still too close to call.

Whichever party wins two of the three outstanding contests in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada will control the Senate.

The race in Georgia will not be decided until a run-off election on 6 December.

Biden says he’s relieved that his Democratic party performed better than expected and said “a giant red wave did not happen” as had been predicted.

Donald Trump, who is expected to announce a presidential bid, has admitted the midterm results were “somewhat disappointing”.