UPDATE: 22-year-old involved in shootout with cops

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UPDATE: 22-year-old involved in shootout with cops

A 22-year-old man was involved in a shootout with officers of the Western Division this morning.

According to several reports, just after 9.10 am on Monday, police officers were responding to a report of an armed robbery and a possible kidnapping.

The officers noticed a vehicle with an occupant that matched the description given in the report.

They attempted to intercept the car in the vicinity of French Street, however, the gunman exited the car in the middle of traffic and reportedly opened fire at the police within the vicinity of UTT John Donaldson’s campus.

The suspect’s car was left running and eventually crashed into a nearby culvert.

The suspect then attempted to flee the scene all while shooting at the police.

He was pursued, and the officers returned fire.

He was later held a short distance away after he collapsed on the roadway from a gunshot wound.

One firearm was seized.